Saturday, April 09, 2016

Wrapped in plastic

A quiet morning, enlivened only by a walk with Lorraine to the local shops. Feeling a bit peaky and hot again today, but perked up enough to heft the stumps from the car boot to the back garden.

I enjoyed hanging about with Pat and Maureen, listening to Frank Sinatra, Perry Como and Nat King Cole, before Lorraine drove them off to the station. Also had a chat with Mum on FaceTime who was able to say howdy to them.

In the evening I broke out my Twin Peaks DVDs and Lorraine to enjoy the Pilot and first episode. Not watched them in ages (and Lorraine not since they came out) and really loved it. Just the shots are so memorably Lynchian, the traffic light against a black background changing colours seems to stand for all kinds of things in his loaded world. Seeing it afresh, you realise just how influential it has been on dark thrillers and cop shows since, but for my money nothing comes close.

Below: Laura Palmer.

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