Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Calliope auditions

Seagulls stamping and scuffing on our bedroom roof this morning. Off to see the doc this morning, who has set up blood and poo tests, and perhaps another colonoscopy if things don't improve. I'm keen on regular colonoscopies given that bowels, um, run in our family. I also handed him a leaflet for A Glass of Nothing. You never know.

As I was just around from the barbers I had a quick cut in there from Stacy, who cut my hair before my wedding. He is a perfectionist, and it pleases me how he frowningly scissors individual hairs from the Kenny Barnet. Thence to Starbucks where I wrote a few bits and pieces, including on the new story.

Bought a card for young Oskar whose birthday it is tomorrow, and got home to fashion a golden ticket for him. Sat with Beth this afternoon doing some play admin before our evening rehearsal, this time at home, with Dylan and Kitty. For reasons best known to herself Calliope very keen to join in. Lying on the carpet on the middle of the stage and climbing on the chairs to get caught up in the action. I think she wants in.

Below Kitty, Calliope and Dylan.

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