Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dark and mysterious rehearsals

Off for blood tests this morning, and the nurse thanking me nicely for my poo sample. The nurse thanking me for this gift. Then to Starbucks where I tried to do some work for a while. Brain not functioning with any alacrity and generally feeling unproductively antsy, even when I came back home.

Spoke to Mum today, who had read last week's short story and found it disturbing. Naturally I was pleased with this.

Noticed that The Warren, where we will have our show, is now being constructed. In the evening off to The Black Dove in Kemptown, which managed in an instant, to become my new favourite pub. A strange little space downstairs, dark and mysterious, with a tiny stage.

We ran through the whole play, and actually having a stage was good as it focused everyone's minds. It also made me realise I had to cut a few lines from the opening section. Good to do it now.

Had a swift drink upstairs afterwards with Dylan and Beth, before we all went our separate ways, Beth off to see John, and me back to lovely Lorraine, taking chocolate with me. A message from Janet when I got back. Ken in much better health today. An early night.

Below a homeless man, one of many on London Road, from the bus, The Warren also from the bus, and Dylan sits downstairs at The Black Dove.

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