Tuesday, April 12, 2016

School of Mirabilis

Lacking va-va-voom, and needing a long sleep in the afternoon. However spent the morning  puzzling over Helen's notes. They put me in mind, which I said to Helen, of Georgie Yeats's automatic writing and I found myself having to ponder the works of Roger Bacon, also known as Doctor Mirabilis, for example. Sent off some poems to a magazine too, and later designed all the iterations of the publicity material for the play. I am learning pages, on the iMac and once you get to grips with it it is good enough to design a poster on.

Warm and sunny. I went for a stroll in the park, and sat in the walled garden and walked through the church yard. Then worked in the back garden for the first time this year much to the delight of the cats who sprawled about my chair. That corner is a real sun trap, and I was almost too hot at one point.

Chatting to Janet tonight. Ken still in hospital and has more tests later this week. Be good to have him home as soon as possible.

Lorraine home late and I cooked a surprisingly nice salmon dish for us. Beth up in London. Lorraine insisting on an episode of Twin Peaks which is a joy to watch.

Below a spot of black and white of the churchyard, and one of the gates into the walled garden. I sat for a while meditating with my face in the sun, near the fishpond, where the fish were lively and breaking the water lots.

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