Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Pinged by graupel

Weird weather today, I went for a couple of walks and was briefly pinged by graupel, a new word on me for soft hail. Interesting skies at the moment.

I edited the play this morning, cutting a bit of Beth's speech at the beginning which, when we rehearsed it this evening, seemed to make everything flow a bit better. There is  a joy to editing, when you can cut away dead wood, and lose nothing of importance.  Focus is hard to come by.

A nice evening, we had Kitty and Dylan round for a bite to eat before running through the script. Lorraine joined us, having come back from pilates. I was a bit worried about Lorraine as she seemed a bit sicky first thing, but said she was okay for the rest of the day.

Long chat with Janet after rehearsal, Ken had not such a good day today, so wasn't released home. It is hard for her, but she is showing admirable strength and managed to pop into her embroidery group for a while, which was a good diversion.

Ended up nursing a glass of wine and watching Family Guy this evening after Lorraine went to bed. Sometimes a laugh is what's needed.

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