Saturday, April 02, 2016

Running about in boxers

Lorraine and Beth off to Ashford for a day's pampering in a spa, then collecting Pat and Maureen and bringing them home.

I spent the morning running about in my boxers free as a bird about to go on holiday, and tying up a few loose ends before next week. Went round to see Janet and Ken dropping in to the Real Patisserie for some treats. Ken particularly drawn to the ginger chocolatey ones. Janet showing off a spectacular piece of embroidery she'd just mounted. All gold and dusty blue.

Then back to the gym where I had a pretty good workout, and felt quite pleased with myself afterwards and less guilty about the fancies I'd eaten. Home, and Di Turner was kind enough to stop off with a gorgeous print by Adrian of the old pier, a wedding present which we will have mounted.

Then Lorraine and Beth returned, fully pampered, with Pat and Maureen. Good to see them looking well and we had an enjoyable evening in with them eating chicken stew.

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