Saturday, April 30, 2016

Out of the frying pan

Lorraine and I up late, after I'd brought us breakfast in bed.  I like to spoil her at the weekend, partly because she brings me a cup of tea without fail every weekday. A treasure for which I count my lucky stars each morning. Duck eggs on toast for my lovely wife, who bought them from someone at school. After a time I noticed a sort of whiteness in the air of our room at the top of the house, and once I'd convinced myself that this wasn't cataracts, I simply went downstairs to see that I'd left the cooker on and had melted the spatula onto our prize frying pan. All okay in the end though, although it did make me wonder about my own sanity.

When we eventually got up, we sauntered into town through the park and through the backstreets into the North Laine with Lorraine for a spot of shopping. The Laine full of people and Brighton's doing that thing of having music everywhere. Passed a pavement choir at one point,  and we had a sausage roll from the sausage shop by way of lunch. Then I sloped off to attend the afternoon's rehearsals.

We're running through the whole play now. There is still lots to be done, and the weeks are speeding by.  Staying quite calm now. But those parts where it is beginning to flow make me think that we have something to be proud of here. But we'll have to let the audience be the judge of that.

The four of us had a cheeky drink after in The Windmill. I am really liking Dylan and Kitty the more I get to know them.  Kitty came with us this time and I leaned that she studied psychology and sociology at university. She said people think it means she can read minds. Dylan is such a nice lad. He's only 18, which amazed Kitty, as she thought he was well into his twenties. He can appear very self assured and together.

Then bussed home with Beth and spent the evening in the relaxed company of my wife. Called Janet to see how they were getting on now Ken was at home. I spoke to him briefly too. He is clearly pleased to be back.

There are two tribes in Brighton: people and seagulls.

Here is a photo of seagulls that made Lorraine and I smile walking down behind London Road.

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