Saturday, April 23, 2016

A spot of adult company

Lorraine and I had a tomatoes on toast kind of breakfast and then once we had roused ourselves from Saturday morning sloth went off shopping, and returning a gigantic tablecloth we'd bought by mistake at Holmbush, then buying lots of food for tonight. Feeling happy today, spending time with Lorraine mooching about. Weekends are becoming increasingly special. Meanwhile the gastroenteritis that has been making life miserable for me in the last two weeks seems to have abated.

In the evening we had Dawn and Anton around and Lorraine cooked some splendid curry and we hung about in the kitchen and then over the table chatting and drinking all evening. Dawn on excellent form, and Anton fresh from an afternoon with Oskar and five of his closest mates, celebrating Oskar's birthday, and needing a spot of adult company. Nice to drink a few drinks, eat Lorraine's freshly made curries and listen to a few tunes while shooting the breeze.

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