Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cafe transgression

Up fairly early, feeling a bit rough again. The girl next door having a teenage party into the small hours. Then went off into town, being delayed by a demonstration for homeless people who have died in the city carrying mock coffins in the rain. Two people boarded, a father and son, talking about ways to disrupt society, such as spreading the road with tacks.

In the cafe I wrote a transgressive poem about scrotums in the spirit of Chuck Palahniuk in a cafe (it may not be my finest hour) while waiting for Lorraine to come out of the hairdressers, which she did looking sleek.

Popped in at Wayne's shop and had a long chat with him. He is working in kitchen design. Lorraine noticed a beautiful painting on the wall set off the kitchens perfectly. Turned out it was the board he had rested his paint tins on when he was redoing the shop.

Then there were rehearsals. A good session. I am reassured that the piece is beginning to work as drama too. I like it when the play makes sense and is absorbing. Still feeling optimistic, the session went well with Kitty making me laugh with her character's bitchiness. Dylan has a loveable stage presence I think. As we were leaving, Kitty said she had been a 'bed burrito' all morning, which was a new phrase on me. Beth steadily assembling her part.  Beth and I straight into a bus, and rapidly home. Beth also survived her burlesque performance last night unscathed.

Then Lorraine and I  drove off to see her pal Penny and her husband Steve. A nice evening. Penny is a headteacher, and Steve works in the jewellery trade as a valuer I think.  About my age, they met at university and have been together ever since. They both came from religious backgrounds. Steve's parents had been missionaries in Brazil, and Penny's dad was a clergyman. I liked them both, and repaid their hospitality by rather disgraced myself eating lots of cheese.

Snap from the front of the bus of the rain. The blurry bright things on the right are a demonstration group.

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