Friday, April 15, 2016

Making a clean breast of it

Posters delivered and flyers delivered for the play. They look rather good. Gastroenteritis still unpleasant and leaving me drained. I don't think my guts have been quite right since The Great Chad Adventure. I hate this draggy under the weather stuff.

Meanwhile Beth doing a performance with her burlesque class this evening. Nervously preparing, and pondering Lorraine's mysterious advice to ensure her boobies were clean. This is her last burlesque experience before the play, where she will be adding a flavour of burlesque for comedic effect to one part of the show.

Sonia showing me pictures of Bulgaria today, forested lakes and so on. It does look extremely beautiful. She is going back there soon. I think she and her Barry will move there soon, which will be a shame for us. I enjoy my Friday chats with Sonia.

Lorraine meeting head teachers today, and was home comparatively early and in cheerful Friday mood. Chatting to Janet every night at the moment, getting updates on Ken.  Otherwise Lorraine and I had a restorative quite night in, despite a party starting next door.

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