Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday crumble

Lorraine waking up with a strangely painful hip. She spent the day resting it when not doing some school work or going out to tea with a couple of chums. I weeded the garden, a bit of hoe work and a fair amount of ankle-level wrenching. A pleasant day for it though, and Clem next door passed over a bit of stumpish material to add to our stumpery. Weeds are robust sods.

Otherwise, I took the opportunity to  quite a bit of Jazz, daddyo, and to read stuff. I also started a short story, which suddenly took off and started writing itself.

John around this afternoon, and Beth cooked us all Sunday lunch, including an exemplary crumble of rhubarb and apple. All rather tasty.

Janet very worried about Ken today, who may have to have possibly two operations. I said I would go to the hospital with her to visit him tomorrow.  Poor Janet has had a wretched and stressful week.

And so to bed.

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