Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some good news

Walking quite a bit feeling antsy and stale and tired at home. Blood test results back today, and nothing to worry about. Poo test results next week. Finding it hard to concentrate on work much though. Listening to Villette by Charlotte Bronte, which is excellent on my strolls.

Spoke to Janet. Very pleased to hear that Ken had been released back into the wild today, but only after Janet had to have a large tantrum. He wasn't enjoying being in hospital, and it was very tiring for her. So good news all round.

Popped out this evening to have a cheeky beer with Anton at the Joker, as Lorraine was out. Anton eating a plate of woof woofs and curly fries, and we had a general catch up and gossip, not being tempted by the sub-Smiths dirges seeping from upstairs.

A snap on one of my saunters. Sunlight amid the cloudy stuff.

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