Monday, April 11, 2016


A long list of things to do this morning, including the creation of a wee poster for the play (see below), and a smattering of Telltale correspondence.

In the afternoon off to see Helen in Hove to work on the Centaur project. Helen has been having a bit of a purple patch and was full of enthusiasm and ideas.  A very good session and we listened to the opening half an hour of the opera which has now an excitingly organically connected feel.

Sitting at her table, able to glimpse a fishpond out in the garden. Helen has had an idea which draws on some of the philosophy that is woven into this from Parmenides to Heidegger and Sartre. Having to reach back a lot to remember my philosophical reading. A feeling familiar to me from talking to Sam and Jade last week. As a by product of this, she came to a point that will provide great drama in the piece. It also incidentally managed to pin down why I have enjoyed writing about Minotaurs, doubles and so on, and was for me a bit of a eureka moment. So a brain stretching afternoon, but highly productive. Good go see Helen on such fine mental form. And she was playing new themes on the piano. Music is pouring out of her.

On a slightly less happy note, someone was murdered on the street round the corner from her the night before, a young man in a fight pushed under a Tescos lorry. She heard it, a different order of shouting than the usual shenanigans, which was a bit horrific.

Home and as I was preparing supper, Bob called and we had a long conversation about Christianity, and Bob talking about his relationship with it over the years. He's a gnostic gospels fan. Great to speak to him too.

Lorraine home from work eating the strangely excellent chicken noodle concoction I'd fashioned, telling me about the day she'd spent examining the identity and values of the school. They are almost conducting what in marketing terms is a branding exercise.

Then another chat with Janet, as Ken is still up in Haywards Heath, but apparently a bit more comfortable now.

Lorraine now addicted to Twin Peaks, which is great news. Another Twin Peaks episode today before a very early night.

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