Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Supper at Cobo

Up for the full Guernsey Breakfast this morning. Nice to be less delicate this morning. I popped out quickly to visit Gwen and Dave's grave, and say hello to the half a dozen people I remember in there.

Then all off into Town. Went up to mooch about in The Guernsey Museum and briefly in Candie Gardens. Liked this pictures in the museum, including the octopus below from an exhibit about The Toilers on the Sea by Victor Hugo. An interesting collection there, including some by an artist called Brenda Munson who mum used to like. There was also a lego exhibition of a big things such as ships made with bits of lego. Why this was in the Guernsey museum I have no idea, and a waste of space as far as I was concerned. Noted that A Guernsey Double was still on sale in the shop there however, which pleased me.

And on this note, down into town where Lorraine and I met up with the very chic  and Italianate Jane and Richard, for an all too brief coffee and gossip in Le Petit Bistro, before being joined by the others who had been wandering about in town. Jane recovering from an evil trapped nerve. Felt sad to be saying goodbye so soon, but luckily I shall return to Guernsey before long I hope and will see them then. 

From there all on the bus to Cobo on the bus. A bus which featured a poem by Richard called Sailing By - a fact I texted the bard himself about. Where it was windy and the sun was out, the sea green and flecked and the sky scudding with clouds, some with rain in. The tide was high and soon the sea was splashing the sea wall. We repaired to an pub restaurant, which had been recommended by Richard and Jane and had been newly refurbished, called Rock Mount. Here we drank beers (I drank Randalls Patios) played cards and then decided to have supper, all  while looking out of the big window at the sunset. Although we were cheated by some low clouds that snuck in shortly before sundown. Lovely though. Food rather good too. Jade particularly full of compliments for their vegetarian dishes. Sam finishing three people's puddings. 

Feeling really pleased that Beth and John and Sam are loving Guernsey. Jade already a convert having visited her aunt here.

We all got into a taxi, me cramping into the back seat, reminding me of the great Chad adventure for a moment. To bed, Lorraine feeling queasy and during the night, my stomach v. poor too. 

An octopus, the graveyard, the party on Cobo beach, and various views from the west coast, including a windswept wifey.

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