Monday, April 04, 2016

Cavorting on the cliffs

Up early and packing, as Lorraine and I hadn't managed that the night before. Then fond farewells to Pat and Maureen, Lorraine, Beth, John and myself made off to Gatwick in the car, as this was cheaper than training it there. At Gatwick Security Lorraine and I met Sam and Jade, and once through security (quite tight I think as there was some suspicious customer arrest at Gatwick that morning). I went to the flying horse for a pint with Lorraine, Sam and Jade.

The flight over pleasant and we lucked out with the taxis too, getting one that fit us all in.  We all had nice rooms, Lorraine and I being upgraded and there was fudge and bubbly in each one. Warm welcome from Sally, and Andrew and Ravis and folks at the Barbarie. The lady driver listing the flowers that were coming out on the cliffs for us too as we drove. Into the Barbarie, and sat outside having a snack and a couple of pints. Then, after unpacking, all off to Icart. The was the big hit we wanted it to be, with all the newbies liking it. Sam and Jade being photographed looking full of zip. Beth wanting to see the famous bench we proposed on, and John dropping to one knee at one point in jest, before later managing to be photographed mid-air.

Then a wander around the cliffs to the top of Saints Bay, with various cavortings. I showed John into a broken open German bunker, by the light of my phone where we found the desiccated body of a cat. When I started talking to John about the Satanic groups that met we quickly decided to leave.

Back to La Barbarie, where after gathering ourselves, the others came around to our room and we drank some bubbly, before strapping on the nosebag and having three courses and wine, followed by more drinks. Lovely food, and Lorraine and I scoffed pork belly which there is fantastic. We repaired to our rooms, I for one had my top hat on askew.

A Beth's selfie of us all on the plane, then various cavortings on the cliffs

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