Monday, April 25, 2016

Essentially Monday

Funny how Monday retains an essence of Monday about it even if you are not having to commute off to an office. Found myself with a list of things where everything seemed to block everything else. If in doubt, tidy up. So I tidied up. Amazing how sorting your desk and office out can really help the brain. Made myself a trusty mind map and pinpointed the areas of being blocked and started to address them. Also wrote to Helen to clarify stuff in the Centaur Project as I found I needed help. Messages with Toby too who is over in the summer.

Off in the afternoon to accompany Janet on her visit to Ken. Caught out by the bus again, which at the stop said two minutes but actually turned out to be a fourteen minute wait. Gah. Got to Janet's then straight off to Hateful Heath. He'd had a lung drain today (which had been scheduled for some time) and an x-ray so was pooped. He is on oxygen at the moment to boost his breathing after the procedure. Janet brought him nice food to supplement the grey looking fodder he was given, replacing the hospital's sugary yoghurt with natural yoghurt and fruits. This Ken tucked into this hungrily. As hospitals go, this one is fairly pleasant I think.

Janet drove us back through across the downs, and the sky was brightening and the wet roads shining and it was possible to feel a bit of optimism about it all. We are hoping Ken will be released back into the wild hopefully this week. He needs to gather his strength a bit, and Janet can get support taking care of him at home. It is the junior doctor's strike tomorrow, having been backed into a corner for purely ideological reasons by noxious heath secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Home, and Lorraine got back shortly after me.  Beth at home learning her more lines this afternoon. The ladies watching programmes about baking and cooking. An early night for everyone.

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