Friday, April 22, 2016


A day of celebrations today. Up early to make my lovely wife breakfast in bed as it was her birthday and give her a crowd pleasing jewellery-based present.  After Lorraine left I put the finishing touches to a whimsical short story I have written this week called A man walks into the bar which I think I am quite pleased with.

Then I got myself ready to attend Catherine and Tanya's wedding this morning. They were calling it an upgrade, as they were already civil partners. I decided to leave early to ensure I would get there, but foolishly believed the times shown at the bus stop and made it into town by the skin of my teeth. I was lucky enough to be among a select group of their pals in the Regency room, including old friends Tim, Guy, and Wayne. The weather was a little overcast and dull, but it was an extremely cheery occasion, and my face ached from smiling afterwards. Of course when it is two women getting married, only possible since March 2014 in the UK. That my friends, obviously devoted to one another, had been unable to marry before that time seems shameful.

Then off to Cote for a quick glass of bubbly. I put my glass down having sipped a single sip, and Wayne who had been outside when the toast was made, rushed in seized the apparently untouched drink and made off with it. I was too Pooterishly awkward to say anything about it, but made life difficult in subsequent toasts. Then to The Chilli Pickle for lunch. A cheery and chatty affair, T & C's pals were all good fun. Then back to their house, to stroke their cats and eat cake and drink a little more bubbly.

I then zoomed home to collect Lorraine, just back from work, and we went to The Basketmakers where we met Beth, stopping for a quick chat with Irish Tom and Dominic. Lorraine given a birthday drink by Joe. All this only momentarily marred by a woman knocking my drink over me. We walked around the corner to the pop-up restaurant called Isaac's.

Here there was an extremely high quality tasting menu of locally sourced delights. Everything from cuttlefish to nettles to braised cucumber hearts and a sorbet of cucumber and blackberry, delicious stuff from start to finish and a journey for the tastebuds, making L and I think about repasts we'd enjoyed in Japan.

We taxied home, as it was surprisingly nippy. A very happy day.

Below Catherine and Tanya. I particularly like the one of the newly weds swanking through the Lanes in their shiny DMs.

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