Thursday, April 07, 2016

Last day in Guernsey

Last day in Guernsey. Met up for an early breakfast. Lorraine and I both had strange stomachs after last night, but found ourselves able to fork down yet another breakfast with the others. We all split up to pack. Lorraine and I walked up near the Captains to photograph where Wendy had lived, and then back to walk to Icart to drink in the beauty one last time. The morning was beautiful and rainwashed.

Then back to the Barbarie where we had an early lunch meeting Jade's mother Sian, and then Jade's Aunt Lynne. To Sian I gave a copy of A Guernsey Double, as it came out in our conversation. Fond farewells with Sam and Jade, and Sian -- then Lynne was kind enough to give us a lift back to the airport. She lives on the island and Sam and Jade and Sian were going to stay with her.  John had been on a walk on his own this morning, looking to find the water lanes again, which he fell in love with and cramming quite a few adventures in back from St Martin's village.

A fairly unremarkable flight back, but I got a good snap out of the window of Guernsey falling away behind us. Felt sad as always to be leaving, and I felt I didn't have long enough there, but then I always feel that.

Back to Gatwick, and collected the car and Lorraine drove us home. Pat and Maureen all well and cheery. It was Maureen's birthday today, and she had bits of Swiss roll which we put candles into. We'd forgotten they were candles that sprang back into life when you blew them out, and Maureen was puffing at these for some time.

Then John left us, Lorraine, Beth and I took Pat and Maureen off to the Preston Park Tavern for another bite to eat and more drinks. Quite tired at the end of the evening and convinced that I needed no more food for about two weeks. Home again, and Lorraine and I watched Stewart Lee's comedy vehicle, which I greatly admired again. And it made me laugh too of course.

Below the Profond Camps house where my cousin Wendy lived for a year back in 71, and my Grandfather's family had lived before. The collapsed greenhouse is near where we used to live. There is now planning permission to build on the field these glasshouses have rotted on for the last 25 years at least. The road to Icart. The road back from Icart, and a view over Rocquaine Bay.


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