Friday, April 01, 2016


Working on posters for the show on Pages on my iMac, unfortunately it doesn't do kerning, which my OCD side is balking against, so I may have to redo them Attended to various other bits and pieces, and even -- shock horror -- reading some philosophy for a bit. Lorraine working at home trying to finish everything off today. Sonia scowling because we were all at home. I made a quick scoot to the gym at lunchtime.

Off in the afternoon to a pub The Duke of Wellington, near my old house in the Twitten, where I'd secured a room for rehearsals, and a brilliant little space it was, and the people there very friendly.

Spent a good couple of hours upstairs rehearsing with Beth and Kitty. Dylan taking time out due to his bereavement. Must be very strange to lose a family member and have the TV do special shows about it, and it be all over all the national media. Despite this I am  feeling cautiously optimistic about our progress, and the more we work on the play the better it seems.

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