Friday, April 08, 2016

Small food, big plans

Nice to be at home, and to wake up with Lorraine in our own bed. Pleased too that the plumbers had been while we were away, and our shower now works again. One gets so accustomed to one's en suite.

A day of small food. Small porridge for breakfast. I put on an astonishing amount in Guernsey, eating and drinking far too much. I am really fat at the moment, and I don't like it. No booze today either, which comes as a blessed relief. I love a beer when you've not had one for a while. If you've had some every day for half a week, you lose the joy of it.

Got the proof through of my response to Willie the Sheik's Sonnet 19, called Locked in the lines, which luckily gave me the opportunity to fix the misspelling in the draft I sent them, and will stop me looking too much of a chump.

In the afternoon back to Bolney to buy some more stumps to expand our stumpery, and some more ferns. Lorraine also showed Pat and Maureen around the school, which they liked a lot, and enjoyed seeing her name on the school board outside.

In the evening I went off to The Duke of Wellington to rehearse A Glass of Nothing. Had another wave of feeling cheery about it, and being quietly chuffed with the play as a piece. Dylan very professional today. The lad's only 18 but is very grown up, and I like him very much. Kitty too is splendid. I am very pleased with the choices Beth and I made. Beth's really taking flight with the part now.

Hopped into a taxi with Beth afterwards and zoomed home to be back with Lorraine and Maureen and Pat. Lorraine cooked a slimming but delicious turkey and tomato curry, which I ate hungrily. Delicious.

The time away in Guernsey has made me feel somewhat refreshed and more ready to face what life throws at me. Looking forward to getting back to work.

Below Pat and Maureen in a mirror shop. I went with them to look at mirrors. Maureen liked several, including one she said was dragony. This one pictured below took her fancy for a while, but she settled on a rather nice decorative one, after I ran back to the car to collect Lorraine for help in decision making.

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