Up and working hard on my French work this morning, before hurrying down to Preston Park in the rain, after a quick chat with Mum, off to Haywards Heath to be met by Lorraine in an unfamiliar car as her one was being serviced.

We zoomed off to Bolney and spent a happy afternoon with eight children who were among the strongest writers in the school. Read them a little from Magnificent Grace and gave them task to use something they are familiar with and add something magical or unexpected. I am always impressed by children and how good they are. Lorraine working with me so it was quite fun to be calling her Mrs Kenny. The school staff always friendly to me there. One of the perks of being Mr Kenny.

A quick book signing, which was great fun, and then off to the garage to pick up Lorraine's real car, and then back home. Beth at home, and we went to The Cleveland Arms where we had a bite to eat and a few beers. I was drinking old and bitter, which I find curiously delicious. After some food, which wasn't too bad at all, played a few games of Exploding Kitten. Beth then into a cab to hang out with Rosie, and Lorraine and I sloped happily home -- very pleased that it was Friday. I do have a life of variety sometimes, thinking about the branding of a pharmaceutical company in the morning, talking to children about balancing magic and realism with Mrs Kenny in the afternoon, and playing Exploding Kittens in the pub at night. Variety is the spice of life.