Remembering Glen

The extra day of the year. Lorraine and I up late today, but managed to drive off to the Book Nook, where she picked up a box of children's books, and then we went down to the sea. It was deliciously rough, and looked wonderful with the lowish winter sun.  We stopped off afterwards for a cup of coffee and toasted sandwich in the Flowerpot Cafe, before heading home.

Soon out again, however, off to St Annes Wells where there was a memorial evening held for Glen. Quite a few folks Lorraine and I knew there. Richard, Claudius, Adam Bushell, and Ellie Blackshaw who played on This Concert Will Fall In Love With You with Glen. Ellie also played at  Lorraine and my wedding. Good to see Maria Grazia too, and I spoke for some time with the composer Barry Mills. Such  a nice man.

A humanist conducted the serious part of the evening, and she did a splendid job of it, weaving together various accounts of Glen. His daughters and first wife were there too, and it was very sad and there were quite a few tears. Lots of music too of course, which was only fitting at the celebration of such a gifted pianist. Glen's suicide very painful for so many people. I still can't quite believe I'll not be having a beer with him in the Evening Star one of these days.

Lorraine and I left, and headed down to where we could get a cab. However we passed a pub called the Farm, and Lorraine suggested we go in. It was a lovely antidote to all the sad thoughts. Lots of people having a good laugh for no good reason at all. The place covered in polystyrene snow, and many of the regulars and bar staff wearing snow ski wear. Everyone chatty and talkative. We had a bit of a laugh in there before grabbing a cab home.

Below Adam contemplative, with Ellie on violin and a friend on cello. The stormy sea. It was much stormier in real life.