A good day

A very good day. Wrote over two and a half thousand words of the first draft of Grace 2, something of a joyful experience, and I found myself guffawing in my office as I wrote dialogue for my new villain, currently called Ernest B. Seediman.

Later Valérie in Paris briefed me on a small but interesting branding job which, with excellent timing given the untroubled dust at the bottom of the Kenny Coffers. I start tomorrow.

Discovered this amazing review of my Sin Cycle poems on Robin's blog. She had put it there in Jan, but I only just found it.

Also chatting with Dawn who has organised a school visit for me to Downs School next week. So this Friday I am at Bolney, Next week Skelton Yawngrave is at Downs, Balcome and Balfour schools.  Skelton Yawngrave is getting amazing exposure thanks to my lovely wife and to Dawn.

I went for a longish walk after lunch up to Hollingbury Hill and beyond between the rainstorms, and listening to and absorbing podcast by The Good Friends of Mr Elias podcast about ghosts, when not simply walking and thinking about Grace 2. This is a good deal better than dwelling on thoughts of my seriously ill friend, the imminent coronavirus pandemic which in my assessment reached its tipping point today, not to mention the broken politics and ecological destruction. Still. Mustn't grumble eh?

Otherwise a hurried breakfast with Lorraine, and a leisurely dinner of a cauliflower and gnocchi surprise. Watching an episode of Picard the new Star Trek series, which we are finding a little unconvincing.