Penny drop

Had a vivid dream about clarifying a brief, which was 'what separates people from each other?' I woke up, went downstairs fed the cats, made Lorraine and I some tea, and then wrote a chapter of my new story in bed on my laptop. It was a major breakthrough on Grace 2 some penny had dropped as I slept I think.

Collected prescription today in the pouring rain obvs. In the evening Beth, Lorraine and I cabbed off to The Lion and Lobster, to meet Rosie and Innis for a fondue and fizz evening. Essentially we had a cheesy fondue to share with bits of food on prongs to dip in. A cheery evening. It was at six, so we were done by eight. We all walked along the seafront to Innis and Rosie's place, collecting Pippi from Eve's place en route. At Rosie and Innis's home we played Exploding Kittens again, while listening to a Betty playlist which includes a great deal of Lizzo, who she likes very much. Lizzo makes me think of Toby, who was listening to her songs when we were in Sicily.

Innis had read By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept by Elizabeth Smart. I read this years ago. It is Smart's account of her passionate relationship with George Barker, an English poet I met once and had a drink with when I was a lad living in Leamington. Innis was as underwhelmed by it as I had been when I read it years ago. I don't remember little about my encounter with the great poet, other than the fact he was friendly and charming and was an absolute booze hound.