Erring on the side of caution

Battering on with the French work today. Lots of mind maps and thinking. Doing this all day, apart from taking myself for a couple of rain-dodging walks. Spoke to Toby on FaceTime. It was snowing in Toronto.

Coronavirus dominating the news. I feel a sense of dread about this.  I was supposed to meet up with Madeline, Annie Lamacraft and Hus at lunchtime. Hus has just returned from Northern Italy which has just had rocketing infection figures. I declined to meet up figuring that as I am seeing literally hundreds of children in the next week or so, I didn't want to risk anything. Probably being paranoid, but rightly or wrongly I erred on the side of caution.

Spoke to Bob today, while he was walking his dog around Salisbury. Not seeing so much of each other, as neither of us are going to London much now.

Below a snapshot of the Guardian's most read stories today.