Matt is fresh as a daisy

A foul morning in which Matty boy had run half a marathon in Brighton. Lorraine and I went to meet him at the top of Muesli Mountain for a lunchtime beer. Beth drove us there and collected us, which was great. Lovely to see Matt and chat with him. He looked fresh as a daisy after running through gales and rain, we chatted about Craig obviously, and about seeing First Matie last week, and meeting Ian.

As ever Matt had assembled several friends, including Lara his sister in law, who we had met in the Summer and Lorraine had a long coffee with as she is a newly-qualified teacher. I also chatted with Steward and Jonathan at the bar, two likeable chaps. The pub was around the corner from one Lorraine and I had gone to a year and a half ago to see Glen and Eleni, where there was a man throwing glasses at the bar, which as I was standing nearby I intervened in. Apparently Stewart knew the perpetrator, who remains barred.

Home and played cards later on with Beth and Lorraine, and ate roast chicken, which is always a win on Sunday.