Fabulous feedback

Was thinking about the via negativa and St John of the Cross on the way to work this morning. For it is only once you have given up any hope or expectation that a train to Hampton will arrive will a train to Hampton arrive, albeit slightly delayed. A fine end to the week. Arrived at the agency on time. Had another nice day, Keith was there, and Pat and the French Bloke and Perky and working with Carolyn, a very pleasant account person.

It was in the afternoon that I had one of the best calls of my writing life, when I spoke to young Elijah  Max and the FB's exceptional son. He wanted to talk about Magnificent Grace, and we chatted for about twenty minutes. He loved the book, and I was tremendously cheered by his response. He found it funny, and loved the way it combined magic and politics and generally gave me feedback that made me feel that someone had read the book and completely got it. Wonderful feeling of vindication. Also spoke to Max, who it was lovely to chat to her too.

Kicking my heels a bit during the day, but then feedback arrived, agency style, at around 4:30 on the three pieces I had written for them. These bits turned around, and fond farewells to everyone, I walked with Pat to Hampton where we caught a train. I had really enjoyed seeing everyone.

Then home, picking up some food at Red Chillies and some beer down the road, and was soon home with my lovely wife.

Felt really buoyed by Elijah's comments, and having had such a pleasant week's work (disregarding the hateful trains on Monday and Tuesday). Very happy to be with Lorraine at home on Friday night.