Counting blessings

Bad news about Craig's health this morning. I would like to go to see him but was advised by his closer friends that he and Mel have too much to deal with at the moment, and treatments and so on are all being sorted.

Lorraine and I in contrast, were able to have a relaxed Friday, and count our blessings. I did some writing too on Grace 2. Lorraine and I went shopping in Lidl, but our journey back was delayed due to a bomb scare of a suspect package on a street. This turned out to be nothing.

Began reading the book that Sarah Barnsley bought me called The Happiness Trap, which is rather a good book I think. I also read some H.P. Lovecraft for a bit of horror -- starting a really good story (thankfully without his obnoxious racism) called The Whisperer in the Dark. Lorraine and I had a nice supper at home, and then popped over to The Cleveland, where we played cards in what may be in danger of becoming our new local, dog strewn as it is. Said hello to Stacy from the barbers.

I had been craving a pint of Old and Bitter, it is half a Harvey's Old Ale, and half a Harvey's bitter in one pint glass. When I drink Harvey's beer I like to think that the Harveys are distant relatives on my grandmother's side, as her name was Gwendolyn Harvey.

L and I sauntered home and watched a kind of Scottish travelogue featuring Frankie Boyle, who is a funny man.