Having a word with myself

Teeming rain, and I got up and ordered more books as I look likely to sell quite a few shortly.  I borrowed some money from Lorraine to stock up, and can pay her back soon. Then a morning's work, followed by a walk in the rain to the gym. My gym has many Chinese students attending. Although this does me no credit, I have avoided a sweaty environment with folks who may or may not have recently returned from Chinese vacations. But this I decided is little different to idiots avoiding restaurants selling Chinese food in the UK. So I had a word with myself. Turned out that there were no Chinese students in the gym when I went there. The one guy who did arrive came and worked out on the machine right next to my cross trainer. Made me laugh at myself, how did I even know if the guy was Chinese. I am being xenophobic and that is horrible.

Walked back in the teeming rain full of fresh post-exercise ideas about Grace 2, and worked on this again. Also talked to Dawn about National Book Week and prepared some materials for the schools I am going to visit.

Lorraine, Betty and I had dinner together watching Only Connect.