A long lunch with First Matie

Sunday and luckily none too hungover. In fact I felt a good deal brighter than I had the day before. Lorraine and I in decent form and after breakfast with Dawn, how had crept up to bring us tea this morning. Send out some thank yous. A note from Sarah who said she had continued to dance in the kitchen this morning. A note from Robin too suggesting that we do Sin Cycle as a Telltale pamphlet, which is a marvellous idea.

Off to meet First Matie and Ian in the Basketmakers. Rainy day and the dregs of storm Dennis still doing its bit. Had a nice beer in there and a Sunday roast. Good to have the chance to get to know Ian better, who is a very decent man indeed, and is clearly exceedingly fond of Kate. Lovely to see Katie, but our meeting was overshadowed somewhat by news about our friend Craig, who is going through a very tough time. However we managed to have a good catch up to and it is always a happy thing to be having a drink with First Matie.

A bit worried about the Basketmakers, as the staff were not great, the food was average and it was very hard to hear yourself think as there was a table of shrieky people. Must be one of the signs of ageing is that you actually want to hear the people next to you. We repaired to the Fountain Head where thing were a little easier.

Hugs and fond farewells with Katie and Ian, and then Lorraine caught a bus home, and laid low for this evening drinking tea and having a supper of melted cheese on toast. The weather persistently nasty.