Devil trains

Woke up early, and alone, apart from cats. Up and off to Preston Park. A nightmarish journey to Hampton followed. My train was cancelled, then the next one delayed, and standing room only. At Clapham Junction the train to Hampton was cancelled, waited half an hour and so was the next one. A railway employee explained that the trains often simply skip Clapham Junction. Caught a train to Kingston, and then caught a bus. Sitting on the bottom deck I misjudged where I was and leapt out, already half an hour late, and found I had a mile to walk. Seething and wretchedly late by the time I arrived at the agency. It had taken three hours door to door.

Once in the agency, all was perfectly pleasant. Nice to see the French Bloke, and Keith, Perky and others. The FB telling me that he had bought himself a plasma cutter recently. Made me laugh that he and I live in such utterly different worlds.

A saunter to the bakery with Keith at lunch, and worked happily till it was time to slip off. His ember tetras have spawned, which is exciting. Journey home as straightforward as the morning's journey had been hateful.

Lorraine and Beth back from their overnight in Swindon, and Beth's Godfather Nigel's celebration of life, as well Glenice's birthday. Beth had driven all the way home, and was shattered. I was grateful to be at home, and go to bed early.

Got this through on my mobile phone today from my Doctor's surgery.