Lucky for some

Jaded this morning, but continuing with the sequel to Magnificent Grace codenamed Grace 2 at the moment. Just bits and pieces of scenes at the moment but it is wonderful to be back in that space. I have been asked to visit a nearby school in Brighton, and talk to around 240 nippers, and hopefully sell them quite a few books.

I was offered a job that would take eight days this morning, and had a brief glimpse of being on top of my day to day finances. Snatched away, sadly, as their budget was a tiny -- I would effectively have been working for free for five days so had to decline.

The French Bloke called me this afternoon to chase some amends I had been given on Monday. I had done it on Monday evening, and sent it there and then. But it had languished in their spam folders. Then sent me some feedback on a smidge of stuff to do tomorrow.

Went for a walk into town to buy a card for Lorraine and do some shopping. Passed a bloke with a facemask in what is the coronavirus capital of the UK. Spoke to Mum today, and a chat with First Matie. Lorraine home and drained from work. Her half term next week can't come too quickly.

A funny email from Richard:

As though we don't have enough to worry about at the moment: back-to-back storms, coronavirus, bush-fires, Boris ... last night I woke up screaming, having just been confronted by not one but two eerily familiar faces that look disturbingly similar.  

He sent this attachment...