Brunch and a storm

Up and off, albeit carefully in the car, as Storm Ciara struck today, bringing rain and extremely high winds. We drove to Anton's to collect him then went off to Steyning, where we had a delicious brunch in Dawn's little cottage, including a very tasty Italian aubergine and parmesan dish.

Anton meanwhile has been on an almost no-food diet, and has lost lots of weight. He brought Dawn a banana cake he had made this morning, but did not eat it. He also said he was having around Chinese takeaways to try to catch Coronavirus to get time off work. Dawn said that she had changed her mind about going to Devon for the time being, and was enjoying Steyning more having been to extinction rebellion meetings and the local book club and making friends.

We left in the afternoon, and Lorraine drove us steadily in the buffeting near hurricane back to Brighton. We dropped Anton off and zoomed home. The wind was extremely strong, and the rain when it came was torrential.  Betty went out in the car this evening, but was caught in such stormy conditions, she simply turned the car around and came back.  A night to cringe indoors, thankful to not be out in the storm.