The first of Feb. Lorraine and I mooching into town today, going shopping for clothes. Lorraine treated me to two shirts. We looked at lots of ladies clothes too in many shops and Lorraine bought a dress. All fine and I tested a few sofas and chairs used by gentlemen while their ladies are cursing softly in changing cubicles.

However we did reward ourselves by going for a coffee in Trading Post coffee roasters. The coffee was excellent, and the samba drummers that suddenly exploded into action outside the cafe were certainly diverting. After a few more shops of one description or another (one Lorraine called the Floaty-floaty shop due to the nature of its clothes) we repaired to the Basketmakers for a couple of beers and some definitely tasty fish and chips. Thought of Matt there, and Lorraine texted him. A bus home afterwards and played some cards with Beth who had been with her pal Laura in the afternoon after work -- before a fairly early night for a Saturday.

Below some drummers...