You want a hand with that?

A quiet day, weather raining or thinking about raining all the time. Lorraine and I mooched across the park this morning, and on the way back bought tasty but dear Sussex produce from a little stand and vehicles that appear there on Saturdays.

In the evening Dawn, Innis and Rosie came around for dinner and a few drinks. Lorraine cooking an excellent pie made with filo pastry and spinach and feta cheese and sun dried tomatoes -- and bread and butter pudding! (One of the allowable puddings.) Lorraine and I had a really nice evening catching up with everyone.

Rosie, who is steadily recovering from her horrid time in hospital, being very encouraging about Magnificent Grace, and about getting me into schools with her to discuss writing and so on. Very happy with this. Lovely to see Dawn of course. She has had lots to cope with recently too, the death in a year of both her parents, and the breakup of a relationship. But she is unselfish and lovely woman. Innis seemed in good spirits. Employing the little plastic hand I offered Lorraine in the kitchen, 'you want a hand with that' etc. to great effect and using it like a tiny hand to scare Rosie with.

Below Innis and the hand.