Almost full circle

A poor night's sleep, so happy not to have rush off anywhere. I caught up with various bits of my own work this morning, looking at the cover for my kindle painted by my secret squirrel cover artist on canvas-like paper. Flattening it now, as it arrived curled up in a tube and has been painted on a canvas like paper. Very pleased with it.

At lunchtime off to meet Madeline at Fourth & Church in Hove, for a long chat over a glass of wine and a delicious bite to eat. Madeline was saying that the seasons always remind her of previous ones. Then we went into Janet and Ken's house to read the meters and tidy things up a bit. With the Brexit crisis the viewings have been thin on the ground and the price keeps dropping. Personally I have no skin in the game whether it sells or not, but we did decide to clear the fridge and freezer of stuff that was left over from Janet and Ken's time, as well as remove assorted medications that had been left in the bathroom. Year old food and medications of dead people may just put people off a bit. Members of the family who might profit from selling it had not done this is a mystery. Sad to be back there, almost a year after Janet died with so much being the same. This business seems to drag on and on. There will be a burial of Ken and Janet's ashes together late next month, which I will go to having not attended Janet's cremation last year.

Home again, and cooked salmon and stir fry for Lorraine and I. Lorraine had managed to pack all her stuff to go to pilates tonight and got so involved in work she forgot to go. Beth popped in briefly after work before going out again. Lorraine and I both tired, and slunk off to bed early.