Back to the 70s

A quiet morning working on my new story and writing emails. Wasted time putting together an email about Janet and Ken's interment on 28th October, and when I emailed Caroline to get some details, she said she was sending one out today.

Then to the gym which I enjoyed,  while Beth was seeing an acting student. After I sat in a cafe in the park down by the newt pool and started drafting a poem. I had not done this for months. On the way back I bumped into Simon in the park, and had a chat with him. He is still looking well and keeping really fit after a major heart attack a couple of years ago.

Home and I watched The Daily Politics, as I ate my post gym sandwich. Shameful scenes in the reconvened House of Commons yesterday. Fuelling the kind of crap I saw when I strayed onto a pro-Brexit page today on facebook: Greta Thunberg a poor retarded girl being exploited by socialist parents, (global warming naturally all lies) Corbyn, Sadiq Khan and Diane Abbot hate figures. People wanting to go back to the seventies when it was still 'our country' etc. support for figures like 'Tommy Robinson', Johnson and Farage. I have often wondered about the rise of National Socialism in Germany in the 30s. With Johnson's naked the people vs the parliament tactic, he is playing with fire. It seems that it is depressingly easy to tip whole swathes of the population into a collective madness.

More work this afternoon, toying with the typography on the cover. Beth out doing improv this evening having done more flat clearing. Lorraine and I stayed in watching Scandinavians murder each other, then the first episode of Life On Mars, which I never saw. It is a time travel cop show with John Simm finding himself in a version of the seventies as viewed through seventies cop show The Sweeney. As usual they drain the colour out of the seventies, as if colours weren't the same now as they were then.