A flowering stone

Still not feeling quite right. Worked at my new short story reading a full first draft. It is called Lithops and based on an idea I have had for ages. The idea of a flowering stone is lovely. I have become aware that some of the ideas that never really made it as poems, were really ideas for short stories, so I have many I can write. I made more arrangements for the cover of my Kindle book. Also chatted to Mum and will see her tomorrow.

In the afternoon I commenced my health themed week strolling through park down into town to see Jewel at Sundial House for a deep tissue massage, my first in over a year. Quite painful at times, but you know it is doing you good. Walked home, had a nice chat with Caroline our next door neighbour.
A quiet night in tonight. I cooked salmon and a stir fry. Lorraine tired. Beth home late after working. Early to bed, where I read another chapter of The Haunting of Hill House, an excellent horror story by Shirley Jackson. Lorraine reading through the Montalbano stories before bed. Every now and then I picture myself bobbing in the pool in Sicily.