A Wellcome day

Up to London after a spot of early morning work. Finished The Haunting of Hill House on the train. A satisfying book.  Met up with Mum in Waterstones, and then mooched to the Wellcome Collection where we strapped on the nosebags, had a chat before we looked at shrunken heads, a shrivelled Peruvian mummy, a Chinese torture chair made out of blades, fetish objects and ranks of hideous medical forceps and knives and so on. Needless to say we both really enjoyed it, Mum even more than me. We will return, if only for fodder for horror stories.

All this excellent preparation for a trip to see Lucinda the dentist. Zoomed off to Chiswick. I am always amused by the wildlife films scrolling overhead to distract from the dentistry and drool management. Watched lion cubs feasting on a gory hole in the side of an antelope for a couple of minutes. Pleased that my teeth are okay though.

In Brighton I made for The Evening Star, where I met Nick, Richard and Steve to talk about Glen and hear about Richard's trip to Greece where he helped to sort out Glen's affairs and repatriate his ashes.  Glen had been staying with a Greek musician friend I've met. Richard had actually been skyping Glen for an hour that evening, and another friend was flying over to help him sort out the practical problems he was facing. There was no sign he was about to do what he did. If he could have only just held on for a day. Despite this beings such a sad business, I found it the evening very therapeutic.

Below a Vanitas, a work of art designed to remind the viewer of the transience of life, the futility of pleasure, and the certainty of death from the Wellcome Collection.