After work drinks with poets

Working well today, had a nice chat with Beth this morning, and a good chat with Sonia before I loped off to the gym where I had a decent session. Think I have sorted out the cover using the image I got from my secret squirrel artist.

Happy to be mooching off to the Preston Park Tavern for 5:30, where I met my best poetry buddies Robin, Sarah, Charlotte and Stephen for a beer and long chat. Lovely to see everyone. I always feel uplifted and reassured by these folks. Having other writer chums essential if you are not to go mad. Not much actual poetry discussed, as we mainly talked about life. Stephen, arriving a little later said he had already read The Dream House in Frogmore Papers, and it had scared him, which pleased me lots. I told him how much I liked his erotic curry poem too.

We all got stuck into a drink, and Beth and Lorraine joined us a couple of hours later as the poets were beginning to think about melting away. A happy evening all around. Will be seeing the poets again soon in Lewes for Clare Best's book launch. Sauntered home with Lorraine, Beth opting for an ABF in the pub.