Tired but happy

Friday the 13th. As a budding horror writer this should be an excellent day, and in a weird way it was.

Up and off to the quack this morning, the last stop of my dedicated health week. It is now in a different building, and was not my normal doctor. A nice young doctor however. Apparently I have otitis externa aka swimmer's ear which I have had for a couple of months at least. I think I got it from wearing my earbuds all the time while exercising and walking.  For this he has given me a spray, combining mild steroids and antibiotics. From there to the nearby boots to get the spray, and the pharmacist told me that next month I won't have to pay for my prescription, which is astonishing.

Home feeling rather pleased with myself, as I had completed my week of medical things and come through unscathed. Ambled home through the park, and felt curiously happy. Working on the new story today too, which was fun. The cover for Magnificent Grace also coming on well. Also feeling physically better than I have for a while.

Lorraine home a little later today, and we went to the Park View for a bite to eat and a drink. But we lasted one for one pint, and plate of food, before we slunk home again. Tired but happy.