Interlude in Edgware

I got up before seven this morning to do a couple of hours work for my French clients before taking Lorraine breakfast in bed. There was a street party on Osborne Road today, but we had other parsnips to butter heading up to Edgware to see Mum and Mas. An easy drive up there, and we arrived fairly early shortly after 12. Mason showed me a video for a mansion that had taken his fancy in California due to a Great Gatsby style video being shot in it, to promote the sale.

I phoned to secure table in the pub, however managed to phone one in some other part of London with the same name. I mentioned Mason and they said they knew him. I put in the postcode for this pub by mistake, which resulted in us getting lost en route. But we sorted it out eventually, but only after we had gone around a roundabout three times.

The Waggon and Horses nice enough, and we were able to get a seat in it. We had a decent roast in there, and a quick drink. As we were leaving I saw a large spider, with a body the size of a small mouse which mum collected in her hands and released outside. Homeward journey uneventful thankfully, driving back through Elstree where mum said she had been evacuated as a child with Dave's sister Peggy.

Home for more teas and chats. Mason talking, among other things, about his father knowing Tessla, and about his father's music publishing business. He was known professionally as Hugo Hamlin. Lorraine looking through some of Mum's old cook books with her. Lots of recipes that Mum had written in them. Mum gave Lorraine one of them.

Then homeward bound again, sluggish M25 but always feel happy when we leave the London ring road and head south to Brighton. Beth happy to see Lorraine, having been on her own all day. Cheese on toast, and messages with Toby before an early night.