Hounded and happy

Lorraine up very early this morning, which meant I was too. Horrid dreams all night.

At my desk by 6:30 however, and transforming the story I had started last week and making it more about dogs. It is now called The Hounding, and is coming on very well. By the time noon arrived, I found I had worked for over five hours already, so I sloped off through the park to the gym. A surprisingly good session there, as I am feeling so much better than I have been.

Walked back through the park feeling one of the strange feelings of well-being and happiness again. Full of a sense that I am happy to be alive. Got back to work for a bit, and then cooked. Lorraine and Beth arriving late.

Early to bed. Reading a story by Thomas Ligotti from his collection of short stories, Teatro Grottesco.  Lorraine not wanting me to read her these stories.