Rather him than me

Everyone at Kenny towers up early this morning. Beth up and off with the sparrows,  and Lorraine too on her new wheeze of going to the gym before work. I pushed on cheerily with The Hounding, which I am very pleased with. Beth back mid morning and we had a nice chat.

Anton called me describing the most appalling plane ride to Spain in an Easyjet flight full of stag and hen parties. The pilot attempted three times to land, and couldn't because the worst storm in Spain's recent history was happening. Meanwhile Anton's fellow passengers spewing. They had to fly to a different airport and try again. Meanwhile Anton's uncle John, who was driving to the airport to pick him up, was caught in floodwater, and had water in his car, and then was trapped in the airport. Even Anton was scared in that flight, expert, as he is, in air disaster scenarios.

I made off to the gym again, and had a fairly productive afternoon too. A good day. I cooked a nice chicken stew, and Laura popped in for Lorraine to witness some documents. Watching Bake Off this evening with Lorraine forced me to find some chocolate though, which is bad.