Vampire in daylight

Continuing my health-themed week. Walked down to Specsavers for a nine o clock eye test. I told the optician that I had seen white lines in my eyes so she insisting on a full retinal scan with those eyedrops that make you look like an opium addict. I had two  pressure tests, long bouts of examinations, the pinpricks of light to test peripheral vision (100%) I was told. Luckily, it seems my eyes are perfectly healthy and I have an unusual but benign area of pigmentation around one optic nerve. Quite fascinating to see photos of inside your eye. Nothing to be done about all the floaters in my eyes though. She said she could see I had loads of them.

I chose two pairs of new reading glasses as I needed a slight prescription change, but dazzled as I was I could have chosen anything. At least I was better than the man who I noticed who had been agonising a full 40 minutes as.  Dracula-like I was released at 11 am, flinching from traffic lights and the brightness of the 11am overcast sky in the streets. Home and I wore my shades indoors, and it was hours before I could start work, and even then I had to have my screen dim. Instead I listened to an audiobooks b Paul Tremblay, who people in podcasts speak of as a good contemporary horror writer.

Beth and Laura arrived, and I wearing shades, I helped them carry in Beth's clothes. Beth will be staying with us for a while now as John has decided to move back to London. They seem to have parted on amicable terms and Beth is resilient and doing well. Nice to see Laura, one of my favourite of Beth's pals.

Lorraine and I watching Stranger Things series three, after I had watched The Sky At Night discuss exoplanets. The tone of the Sky at Night is just right, full of information and fairly briskly paced. I hate documentaries where five minutes content is stretched to fill an hour. Lorraine tired and hungry when she got home. The shock of the new year.

Saw evidence of good progress on the cover design for Amazing Grace today. All good there.