Anton month commences

Lorraine's first day back at work, off to run her inset day. I spent my day happily working on organising Magnificent Grace to go onto kindle. Hoping I can get it all done by the end of the week. Getting to grips with Sketchbook, the drawing app. Sat outside in the sun in the bottom corner of the garden at 11 having worked for a few hours, and listened to the wind under the tree and meditated for a few minutes. Not abounding with energy today, and felt hungry all day.

A friendly note from Sita, one of the nice people I was working with on that debacle of a job last week.

Anton and Bob's birthdays today. I messaged Bob, whom I am going to meet with Carl in a couple of weeks.

Lorraine and I cabbed to the Cow, which used to be the Tin Drum where we first clapped eyes on each other, in seven dials. Under new ownership, and now seems very friendly. We had a birthday Thai with Anton, Anne, Klaudia and Oskar. My godbairns make you say things like My! You've shot up, etc. and makes me feel momentarily as if I have turned into my own grandparents. Nice to chat to everyone and commence Anton month. Neglectfully, I forgot to celebrate Anton's eve, last night. After a brief sojourn back at Anton's house, where I was shown Oskar's dual screen gaming computer, Lorraine and I strolled back down to Brighton Station and cabbed home for ten.

Below Anton wearing his v-necked (!) Guernsey, and Oskar (he of the my haven't you shot up department) sporting an approved T-shirt.