Sunny Sunday

Happily no great price to be paid for yesterday's fun. Happy not to have to spring out of bed, and the most excellent Lorraine brought me breakfast and a cup of tea in bed. Spent some time telling her all the news. Lorraine and Beth had spent some time yesterday tidying up Beth's flat, and sorting clothes.

A cheery sunny day. We did some gardening and went shopping for some concrete in a tub, but when it came to it it was the wrong sort. We also bought a lattice for the wisteria in the front garden to attach to the wall, but I had a lapse of confidence about drilling holes into the brickwork on the top of a ladder while holding trelliswork. A bit of a gardening fail, but still a lovely day.

Chats with Bob and texts from Carl. Everyone managed to return home in one piece this morning, as they had both stayed in London. Carl was off to a Hozier concert in Birmingham tonight.

A chat with the Tobster today too, about his and Romy's trip up to the North of Canada. They had to go through an Inuit smudging ceremony which involved covering your hands and face in purifying smoke. Toby said the colours up there were amazing, and shared this photo to show it.