Night drive to Hereford

Pottering about getting things done today, and then after five, I fed the cats and zoomed off to Burgess Hill where Lorraine picked me up and we began the long car journey to Hereford where we were going to attend Lorraine's Aunt Rose's funeral. No traffic jams luckily, because it was a very long drive drove into the setting sun, as we were heading west.

By chance Ken, who was driving up with Pat and Maureen, happened to text us from the Reading service station, just as we happened to be approaching it. We all met up for a bit and ate some KFC, for the first time in years.

Then to the remainder of the drive, using the satnav, and the AA recommended routes, and the way Ken had suggested. Drove west  as night fell, and through the dark countryside, with Ken tailing behind us lots of the way. Then he drove Pat and Maureen to stay at Aunt Rose's house, with Lorraine's cousin Maxine, and Lorraine and I found the Holly House hotel.

More importantly, we had been fantasising about a pint of beer after the four hour drive, and ended up at a Wetherspoons, after we popped into the bar next door at 10:45 and found this was no longer serving. We were asked to go to a club by two friendly and somewhat trashed girls outside because it would be a laugh. We went into Weatherspoons, which was serving till midnight. Ken joined us there and we had a late slow beer before repairing back to the bed and breakfast.

Our room had a seaside theme, and was perfectly fine, although not en suite, necessitating a creep out onto creaking stairs for a wee in the dead of night.