Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Tuning into the darkness

A leisurely breakfast in the Hideaway cafe with Lorraine and Betty, although I had to send back our breakfasts because they were different to what we had ordered. I was given a free coffee as an apology.  Off then into town. To do a spot of shopping with Lorraine, and meet the others to see  Jenny Collier, one of the Nasty Women we had seen the other day. A natural comedic talent I thought. She has a section where she talks about farts, and used the phrase 'a barking spider' to describe one, which made me chuckle because its so mad. Although the strange melting away of six people at the same time to go to the toilet seemed to throw her a bit. Lorraine and I walked past Greyfriars Bobby at one point, its nose gleaming where people touch it for good luck.

Lorraine and I had fish and chips in very busy cafe opposite the Surgeons' Hall. Excellent it was, with absolutely delicious fish. Then across the road, to the Surgeons' Hall to fret and flyer till show time.

Another healthy audience, but they were very quiet, and watching it with great attention as if it were a tragedy. Weird. They tuned into the darkness of the piece. Still, the applause was warm at the end.

After the show we met with Lauren and Roger from the Rialto Theatre in Brighton, who had come to see our show. We had a few drinks and chatted over some stuff. Roger and I will meet up for coffee when I we're all in Brighton again, and possibly put on some stuff at the Rialto. Lauren and Roger are thinking of bringing a show about Myra Hindley to the festival next year.

All home, and sat up setting the fire alarm off repeatedly while we were making toast.

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