Sunday, August 13, 2017

Roasts with the newlyweds

Feeling reasonably fresh and non hungover this morning. Must be the fact I drank lots of water judiciously yesterday, in between the positively good for you vegan beers, and the vigorously funktastic free dance I was doing at the end of the night. Very, very tired though.

A slow breakfast in the hotel, with Pat and Maureen, and John and Beth. It was a help yourself buffet breakfast, so I started with porridge, then ate a cooked breakfast for good measure, with cups of coffee and orange juice.

Lorraine and I then went for a walk into town with Pat and Maureen, pausing to have a nice coffee somewhere. The space under the station runs with canal weirs, and is weirdly lit. Pat and I were speculating that it would be a good place for a murder story to start.

Home again, and a brief snooze. Before regrouping with Beth and John, Pat and Maureen and heading off to the Town Hall Tavern, where we met Sam and Jade and Sian. Lorraine and Sian are already getting on splendidly.  I really like her too.

Sam and Jade tired but happy after yesterday. Jade said that yesterday had literally been the best day of her life. In the morning the newlyweds had breakfast in bed, at the nice hotel Sian had put them up in. They'd spent the day clearing up the venue and other bits, and preparing for their move to Glasgow on Tuesday. Sian is going to drive them in a van.

There we had a really top notch Sunday roast at The Town Hall Tavern, and some lovely beer although it closed at around seven. Sam and Jade went home with Sian, and the rest of us went back to the hotel. We all had a drink in The Sky Bar with Alessandro looking down on Leeds as it got darker. He is a really nice man.

Early to bed for everyone.

Below a bit of a random collection of photos today: some of the water under Leeds Station; a mysterious and beautiful doorway under Leeds Station; Desperate Dan outside a pub; Sian, Sam, Jade and Lorraine in The Town Hall Tavern; two photos of Maureen and Pat; a view down from The Sky Bar.

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